Why You Need to Stop Wasting Away Your Twenties

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The majority of your twenties can feel like being in the middle of the ocean, with a vast, endless body of water — deadly, and with no direction.

We’re overwhelmed by this need to swim anywhere and in no particular direction, almost immediately confirming we are completely and utterly lost.

We also realize at this point, that no matter what direction we take, there is nothing to lose anyway. So we drink until we throw up, we take unnecessary risks for the thrill, and smoke to get a rush.

We waste our Sundays playing video games, our Mondays being upset that it’s Monday, and the rest of the week impatiently waiting for the weekend.

Waiting for something to happen to us.

But we end up waiting and waiting for life to take over, to give us a compass, a new sense of hope that our dreams and aspirations will magically sweep us off our feet into the mystical land of opportunity.

We wait for an experience, for something, for someone to root for us (other than our mother), and push us forward to maximize our skills, influence others, realize our potential, and to become great leaders.

The deep dark truth that we all know about (but don’t want to know) is that what we’re doing is wasting away, like a plant without water — something that could have bloomed, yet became a definitive process of natural decay — regression into nothingness.

Identity Capital

A fascinating clinical psychologist, Meg Jay, speaks about the critical phase and transformative state of our 20s in her bestselling novel, The Defining Decade.

She speaks about the important moments in her patients’ lives where their ‘aha’ moments ultimately shaped who they became, and transformed their lives for the better just by doing simple things like introspection.

She refers to individuals in their 20s as twentysomethings and urges them to take control of their life and let go of the very famous yet not so smart idea that it is time to “enjoy our freedom” and simply relish the idea of doing nothing or worse —…




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