Here’s A Perfect Schedule for Your New Quarantine Life

5 min readMay 18, 2020

If you’re looking at this article and thinking your perfect schedule consists of watching 3 seasons of The Office and eating a home-cooked meal that covers defrosted fries and hot dogs, then you’re definitely in the right place.


Since this whole pandemic started a few months ago, I have been running around trying to settle the chaos in my brain, urging me to execute 500 business ideas.

I’m currently looking at a notebook I like to brainstorm in which consists of about three startups that have complete market research and are ready to be launched but I can’t seem to bring them to life.

Perhaps it’s because being home means we need to be even more sure of what the hell we’ll be spending our time doing all day. Now I’m not talking about people who have three kids and need to keep them occupied, but those who wake up snoozing their alarm at noon, and go on walking around the house like time doesn’t even matter.

They’re barefoot and miserable, barely awake, contemplating whether they should go back to sleep or perfect the iced coffee that’s trending on Tik Tok.

Ugh, Tik Tok.

The new entertainment master that has got me over the edge, cracking up at people imitating Trump’s disinfectant comment, or watching unwanted thirty-year-olds try to perfect the Savage dance.

The only thing I really learned about perfecting a schedule is that the first step is to reach a point where you’re disgusted by how lazy and inactive you’ve become. You wake up groggy from sleeping so late, watch a few episodes of your favorite show, and before you know it, it’s past sunset.

Low-key, it might even be past midnight, but who’s counting?

So after you’ve surpassed the whole “I’m so disgusted that I’m wasting my life” stage, you’re now ready to start building real habits — the ones where you actually eat vegetables as a snack, meditate at 7 am, and actually do some sort of cardio so your heart doesn’t fail at one point.

Chill, you don’t have to meditate at 7 am — that was just a suggestion.

Throw Away Your TV


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