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The more I know, the more I know that I know nothing. Existential Psycho | First-Time Mom| Educate Your Skin🌱

Quick Things You Need to Do to Fix Your Life

I keep hearing that voice in my head.

“Dude, you need to get your sh*t together.”

I’m actually a woman who never uses the term “dude”, but my subconscious and inner voice somehow always seems to address me by this wonderful alias.

But I somehow feel like nothing is working out.

Because in between the need to engage with users from my health and wellness blog, both on Facebook and Instagram, someone is waiting for my response about “what success looks like” on LinkedIn and another is waiting for a new pin on my vegan Pinterest board.

But wait…

…And the most difficult


Who would’ve thought those two syllables and four letters would ever mean the world to the planet of women?

You’d think “I love you” or “Will you marry me” would fall under the same category and have at least an equal emotional value, but they never even stood a chance.

So when my eight-month-old son looked at me and said “mama” one morning, the memories of painful labor and the 3x nausea of pregnancy came tumbling down and were replaced by a beautiful face and a voice addressed to me — “mama.”

That’s all it took for me to…

If you’re looking at this article and thinking your perfect schedule consists of watching 3 seasons of The Office and eating a home-cooked meal that covers defrosted fries and hot dogs, then you’re definitely in the right place.


Since this whole pandemic started a few months ago, I have been running around trying to settle the chaos in my brain, urging me to execute 500 business ideas.

I’m currently looking at a notebook I like to brainstorm in which consists of about three startups that have complete market research and are ready to be launched but I can’t seem…

The Positive Side of Things While Chaos Prevails

If you were to take a peek at the notebook I carry with me, you would probably find a few pages of me attempting to learn Spanish, a few others on midnight thoughts that may somewhat contribute to my unfinished novel, some other pages on how to win at chess, what my goals are for the next month, and an unfinished entry on how to eat healthy while surviving quarantine cravings.

As you can see, my life is (low-key) all over the place, and well as of now, so is the world.

When I first learned of COVID-19, I thought…

A story worth 10 minutes of your time

A cockroach is believed to be one of the most adaptive species on earth, partly because it has survived the Nagasaki and Hiroshima’s atomic bombs. You may say the same thing about camels given they can survive without any food or water for months in the desert.

While these seem quite interesting news, it’s even more surprising to know that humans are actually the most adaptive species in the world. I would probably have to agree given it reminds me of my personal circumstances where I had to adapt while migrating to three different countries.

It’s not something that I…

My absolute favorite meal in the whole entire world is pasta bolognese.

If yours is an avocado sandwich or a quinoa salad, totally fine — no judgment.

But if it’s your favorite meal, wouldn’t it make sense you can have it every single day for the rest of your life?

Probably not.

That’s because we have this natural tendency to get used to things, also known as habituation.

The author of the best-seller, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg uses this exact science to prove that anything we get ourselves used to can become part of our routine, making us…

The secret to productivity, minus the effort

In this modern day and age, we’re all aggresively seeking ways to best maximize our efficiency.

Whether it’s downloading project-management programs like Asana, creating a more optimized schedule, or time-tracking various tasks, we’re all guilty of trying a little harder to save time and exaggerate accomplishments.

We can learn a little something from Plato about what’s going on here —

“All things will be [superior] when each man works…without meddling with anything else.”

Believe it or not, most of us worry so much about outlining and strategizing tasks rather than doing them.

I recall that moment where I was set…

Here are some ways to finally understand life

When I was six years old, I took an exciting trip with my entire family. One of the destinations on the agenda was Jamaica.

I was ecstatic.

On the third cruising day, we had finally arrived.

We were greeted by many seemingly-nice Jamaicans selling beautiful hand-made bracelets, wallets, and hats.

I was so excited to discover the new world around me, that at one point when searching for a hanging arm to hold, my family was nowhere to be found.

So, like every normal six years old, I panicked.

Heart speed-racing, sweating palms and tears threatened to fall like someone…

This One Thing is the Solution to all Problems.

When I was younger, my father spoiled me to no ends.

I got everything I wanted, whenever I wanted.

It became a habit.

Sharone wants, Sharone needs, Sharone gets, and all over again like a never-ending circle.

As I grew older, I realized that I couldn’t control most of my environment, and I was faced with tough pills to swallow.

My relationships were comprised of arguing, because I wanted to get or do something, and the other party declined.

My friendships almosts seemed transactional: If they’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to them.

My mind was also struggling —…

No, you don’t need Botox.

We all want to be beautiful.

We want to be recognized, famous, or somewhat turn heads wherever we go.

This is probably because of our innate nature to acquire acceptance from the crowd and build strong human connections that crave a certain liking or preference from one another.

We find people attractive based on a few things: physical appearance, intelligence, and personal character.

We look for people who have more symmetrical faces, ones saturated with confidence and who are easy to talk to.

We’re taught a few things about the standards of beauty:

Taller is better.

Glowing skin is more…

𝔖𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔫𝔢 ℌ𝔬𝔲𝔯𝔦

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